According to EU legislation all vehicle manufacturers (VW, Ford, BMW, Audi, Toyota etc.) CANNOT deny manufacturer’s warranty if you get your vehicle serviced/maintained outside of the dealer network. EG: If you get your 2014 VW Golf serviced at V.A.S.S. Motor Works and a warranty issue arises ( e.g.: a control unit becomes defective) the VW dealership CANNOT deny warranty based on the fact that the vehicle has not been serviced at the VW dealer. We also keep genuine VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda filters in stock which are supplied to us daily and are used on all vehicles particularly those still within their warranty period therefore illiminating any possible chance that warranty would be denied.

This is protected by anti-competition law under the EU block exemption for the motor industry circa July 2010.

(This applies to ALL vehicle manufacturers who sell vehicles in the EU)

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