Air Filters

The photos below show two very different air filters. The small air filter on the left is from a Nissan 1.5 dci ( turbo diesel ) engine, while the filter on the right is a brand new air filter for a 1.9TDI VW/Audi engine. The Nissan filter was taken out of a vehicle with approx  Continue Reading »

Block Exemption

According to EU legislation all vehicle manufacturers (VW, Ford, BMW, Audi, Toyota etc.) CANNOT deny manufacturer’s warranty if you get your vehicle serviced/maintained outside of the dealer network. EG: If you get your 2014 VW Golf serviced at V.A.S.S. Motor Works and a warranty issue arises ( e.g.: a control unit becomes defective) the VW  Continue Reading »

Diesel Particulate Filter

All diesel engines post 2008 are fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) located in the exhaust system. Theses filters basically trap soot/particulate that is a by-product of diesel combustion but allow gases to pass through. They are designed to regenerate or clear themselves of this soot when it reaches a certain level or capacity. However  Continue Reading »